Thursday, 22 September 2011

Rape Laws, domestic violence laws

Are they a good thing?
Domestic violence laws,rape laws and women's refuges may actually encourage the very thing they are ostensibly guarding against. 

Victims campaigners actually encourage victims to be created.

These laws make a woman feel that she cannot help herself but must let the police and other government workers solve her problems.  Nearly all women are quite capable of getting their own way with a man.  
These laws make women feel like the the government almost wants her to be a victim of men so that government ministers can get the feeling that they are helping women.
If one person in the relationship isn't happy then the other person isn't happy.  Very few men would be happy being in a relationship with a woman who hates him.

If you understand the ambiguous word 'Liberal' to mean freedom then surely the Liberal democrat party should be not going down the same route as Harriett Harman and the Labour party.