Saturday, 7 January 2012

Feminism and Thatcher

Was Thatcher a feminist icon?  Women's opinion on Thatcher. Guardian's women blog. 6th January 2012.

I reject the premise that this question is based on : that feminism is good for women.

Unlike feminists who only think about themselves and getting attention, Thatcher, like most male MP's currently do, thought about what is good for everyone, what was good for society.

Surely the level of happiness of normal women in society is the key test of whether a politician is good for women, rather than a tally of who created the most feminist legislation or who spent the most on women's issues.  If you compare what she did with what Labour did for women with all their feminist MP's, was what Thatcher did for women any worse?    Were women happier under Labour than under Thatcher?  Depression soared under LabourAlcoholism and obesity soared under Labour

You have to ask: what is it that will make women happy?  Some people believe that a big state government results in a society where women happier, some believe that a small state government results in a society where women are happier.

I don't like the idea that some people put out there that Thatcher was evil - that she deliberately turned a blind eye to women's suffering.  I am sure Thatcher, having lived through the previous Labour stints thought she was doing the right thing - specifically for society - and therefore women.  You can't discount the many intelligent experts who think her period was an improvement from the post war third way compromise.