Saturday, 29 June 2013

Nigella lawson and Charles Saatchi row


I don't think there should be a law against what Charles did.  Not saying it wasn't a bad thing but I don't think having a law makes things better for the woman.  Look at this situation - has the law made things better for nigella?  Now let us imagine if there hadn't been a law.  It would be less likely the pictures would have been published because there would be no,social pressure to view the situational as a state/police matter.  Nigella knows what level of violence her husband is capable of and would likely not have been phased by Charles's actions.  Given that she knows there is no legal protection she would be more likely to stand up for herself (because the state isn't) and so would tell Charles that in future she will not stand for this behaviour.  Instead we have nigella looking like a pathetic helpless victim beggin her husband to come back.  Which, if he does, gives him immense power and licence to treat her as badly as he feels like since he knows she can't be without him.