Wednesday, 22 August 2012

George Galloway and Steve Brookstein on rape

Firstly an explanation of what the position of rape deniers really is.
This is the true position of so called rape deniers.  
I think they do consider what Assange (allegedly) did was rape. They know it is rape under the law. It is a fact it is rape under the law. It is a fact it is rape under the dictionary definition. If a woman does not want it to happen, it is rape. 
However, you can agree it is rape but also think there shouldn't be a law against what happened in this particular instance (relationship rape); that you should be arrested and punished for it. 
People seem not to realise you can agree that what Assange did was wrong but also at the same time thiink there shouldn't be a law against what is called relationship rape.
It would be a lot less upsetting to people for whom this has happened and who consider it rape and a traumatising event, if you acknowledged that it was rape.  Because it is.  Rather than denying it is rape.  
In reality Galloway thinks that there shouldn't be a law against what assange did. My point is that his real position is that he knows it is rape under the dictionary definition but that he thinks there should be no law against what Assange did, even though it is rape.
I believe that is what most 'rape denier's real position is.

Regarding Steve Brookstein - he waded into the controversy on twitter last night.  I wish to distance myself from Brookstein and the way he handled things.  He was incredibly insensitive to rape victims and was basically laughing at them.  He was also verbally abusive towards a number of women who had the courage to challenge him.  His basic position was him and his wife had an understanding regarding what was acceptable and what was not.
Even though I think he handled the situation badly and there was no need for the insults and unsympathetic attitude towards rape victims, it did bolster my argument that having a law against relationship rape is not helpful.  It also bolsters my argument that Jewish men on the whole tend to be more misogynistic.


" So what is your problem?" I have a small penis and so i'm compensating by talking to big dicks.
 yeah yeah I raped my wife so she married me and we've just had our 2nd baby. You idiot.
 I've decided I have no time for feminists. They suffer from having a permanent period.
 a sleeping girlfriend/partner/wife wakes up...she then decides. If she says no I'm knackered, you tut and turn over. Simple.
 i'm not apologising for my views. Too many people pushing their bullshit social agenda on the masses.
 rape apology? Rape is wrong but so is forcing your ideology upon every married couple.
 agree. I'm not disputing that. If she says no and means it, then obviously you stop.
 look, I come from a generation when men and women were different. These days you are all a bunch of geezer birds.
 haha I admitted I raped my wife? She said she wouldn't talk! Right, that's it i'm confiscating her Dairy Milk.
 yep all women who cry rape are victims. None of them lie. All men are potential rapists. I get it.
 haha so he taps you on the shoulder and says, "Darling, I was wondering, if it's not too much trouble would you mind terribly.."
" is it still rape if you shout 'SURPRISE' when you finish " but funny!
   haha a shortbread loving feminist with hairy armpits is glad she's not my wife. I'm gutted.
": "  no doesn't always mean no." Mrs Brookstein bagged a winner there, kids!" ...and look at you.

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