Thursday, 10 November 2011

Motivation for feminist blogs and why abusive comments are not a problem

 Sady Doyle - abusive comments

There has been a recent effort to highlight the fact that feminists bloggers occasionally get called names and receive threats from commenters on their blogs or articles. 
My argument is that deep down these women want the abuse or at the very least don't mind it.
If a female blogger writes a post and nobody responds, would she prefer that to a load of responses along the lines of 'stop whining bitch'?
Think about it.
What usually happens after a blogpost or article on feminism receives abusive comments? Seeing the comments, the feminist blogger lets her feminists buddies know about the horrible abuse she is getting or people see the blogpost themselves.  They all come in and support her saying things like 'typical - this is why we need more legislation', 'Ignore the trolls- i loved your post'.  This obviously makes the woman feel good as she is sharing the experience of abuse and gaining emotional support from other women. Rather than a specific problem peculiar to that individual woman, the problem now becomes that she is simply a woman.  All these other women are now in the same boat as her sharing the problem of being a woman -  she is not alone.
She would prefer the abuse to no response at all.  Why?  Because it legitimises her thesis that men are the cause of her unhappiness. 
Do not discount the case that the 'verbal abusers' and 'trolls' can tell that this is an unhappy woman blaming her unhappiness on men and that they are actually verbally abusing her to make her happy.  These 'abusers' are probably capable of posting a reasonable response, comprehensively dismantling her argument, but they know that if they did that she would no longer be able to blame men for her unhappiness.  Which would make her unhappy.  Consequently the sisterhood would break down and she would be alone again faced with a problem peculiar to her and not all women.  Given that most men are kind-hearted and do not like women to be unhappy, they do not do this; instead they post ad hominem attacks.

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