Friday, 4 November 2011

Feminist Bloggers, New Statesman

Helen Lewis Hattersley has wrote an article in the New Statesman about how feminist bloggers get angry responses.  Here is my response:

You have discounted the notion that some people like being abused. 
If you are an unhappy person and you write an article complaining about something, you are bound to get an angry response because most people think - why are you burdening me with your problem?
Before calling for legislation to regulate the internet, as Cath Elliott suggests, it might be worth asking would there be any negative consequences to this? 
For a start, some people like being called names; maybe like is the wrong word - but they at least find it preferable to no response at all -some find a hate-filled response  preferable to a positive response; indeed one blogger above found a nasty response amusing. 
The point is you cannot regulate how poeple respond to your public appearances or writings.  To do so would be to live in a police state.
These people haven't stopped you so far. 
Indeed if you are a feminst blogger who enjoys blogging about feminism, have you ever considered that these verbal-attackers are posting nasty responses out of kindness because they think that is what you want?  It certainly legitimises a lot of feminist writings.  If there hadn't been these verbal attacks, you wouldn't have enjoyed making this blogpost would you Helen?
So, carry on your complaining feminists if it makes you feel better, but please stop before you go about stifling free speech via legislation. 
A better step would be to stop worrying about other women , stop depressing people and concentrate on your own life.

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