Sunday, 23 October 2011

There should be no laws on party funding

Cameron's fury at plan to curb rich backers. Independent.  Andrew Grice. Saturday 22 Oct 2011

 The Committee on Standards in Public Life are currently holding an inquiry into public finance.

  Reform Proposals

 A £10,000 cap on donations to parties by individuals and organisations.

 A range of options for increased taxpayer funding, which could be based on between £1 and £3 for every vote received.

 One-off trade union donations subject to the cap, but affiliation fees paid by members treated differently.

 Unions would have to make clear members have right to opt out of paying political levy and ensure those doing so pay a lower membership fee; unions could not "over-affiliate" by saying they have more members paying the levy than they do. 

A number of public hearings have taken place across the UK at which the Committee heard from a wide range of witnesses.  They can be seen here.  I trust the Taxpayers alliance proposals (PDF) to ensure the best deal for the taxpayer. 

We shouldn't assume that if we make it easier for progressive partys to get in power that it will result in more happiness for the average person.  Often, as in the case of Labour, in means taking more of our liberties away and more tax and spend. As Liberals we should realise that happiness is not dependent on what the government does to us or for us.  We make our own happiness.  It isn't really dependent on money.  Often the impression that government can actually make us happy in itself leads to unhappiness.  During Labour's 13 years in power, anti-depressant SSRI drug prescriptions rose to 23 million.

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