Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rape and Johnny Depp

Fox News

Johnny Depp has compared being photographed to being raped, saying “Well, you just feel like you’re being raped somehow. Raped ... It feels like a kind of weird – just weird,”

This has caused an outcry in the USA:
According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, Depp ought to know there is a marked distinction between posing for a photographer and being raped.

"While photos may feel at times intrusive, being photographed in no way compares to rape — a violent crime which affects another American every two minutes,” the organization’s spokesperson Katherine Hull told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column on Tuesday. "RAINN welcomes the opportunity to speak with Mr. Depp and educate him about the real life experiences faced by survivors every day, and ways that he can work with RAINN to help." 

Yes we all have sympathy for women who are raped.  But I don't like the idea that you can't say certain things.  Nor do I believe that all women who say they have been raped are traumatised beyond belief.  You choose to be a victim.  It is a state of mind.  Say for instance a man is having sex with a woman and half way through she says stop, but the man doesn't; instead he carries on for another minute until he ejaculates.  A lot of women would say that that is rape.  If you define rape as sex without consent, it is rape.  I am not going to defend the man for carrying on.  I think it is wrong for him to do something that is likely to upset the woman.  But if afterwards he says sorry and is especially nice to her and sucks up to her, I don't think it is right for the state to intervene and send the man to jail for 5 years.  Also, I think 99% of men would stop, because 99% of men don't get any enjoyment out of sex with a woman who isn't enjoying it.  Part of the enjoyment of sex is pleasing the woman.  Why do you think men are so worried about their performance?

I don't see why there should be a law against what happened in the example I gave above, especially if the couple are married.  I don't see how it helps either the man or the woman.  Surely it is better that you don't feel fearful that the state is waiting to pounce on you as soon as a woman says you have done something wrong?  How is that bringing couples closer together?

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