Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ricky gervais calls people mong

Seems we'll use any word today except a word of kindness. Indepedent. Janet Street-Porter, Sunday 23 Oct 2011

What to make of Ricky Gervais using the word mong in general conversation as an insult?
I think the problem arises when the government tries to legislate for this kind of thing.  Once you do that, you almost feel like saying something discriminatory just out of frustration and a 'nobody tells me what to do, I'll show them' attitude.  I suspect this is thew case with Ricky Gervais and Frankie Boyle
If there were no legislation to rebel against, people wouldn't say the nasty things.  They are trying to upset the authority figure telling them what to do, rather than upset Katie Price's son or people with Downs Sydnrome. 
If you were to abolish legislation; there would be less people choosing to become offended rather than discussing the issue in a reasonable way.  There would also be less fear and anxiety in general conversation.  We shouldn't underestimate the damage this fear and anxiety of being punished or sued for saying the wrong thing has on our mental health.

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