Friday, 7 October 2011

Response to Cath Elliott regarding health and safety laws

Cath Eliott disagrees with David Cameron about abolishing Health and safety laws:
Cath Elliott Blog
This is my response to her:
Cath is wrong.  Cameron is right.  Why do we have to feel like we have to consult the government to know if something is OK?  Does that not make people anxious that if they do something wrong then the government will take them away and punish them?  Who wants to live under that strain?  You want people to live in fear do you?  Why do we all have to conform to what a group of (often not very intelligent) people say is right?  What happened to personal responsibility?  It is far better to live in a society where we forgive people if we think they have done wrong, rather than jumping to punish them.

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