Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lynne Featherstone and proposed new domestic violence legislation

Bullying husbands could face court for 'emotional abuse' as domestic violence laws are tightened, Daily Mail, 12th December 2011

If you scroll down, then press view all comments, you will see that this proposed effort is not supported by the majority of intelligent people.
Does an individual decide to vote for a party because it is making efforts to tackle domestic violence? Of course not; most men aren't violent towards women that they love so they would be put off by a party trying to interfere in their private lives; they would prefer it if each couple's problems were sorted out by themselves.  A woman is not going to stay in a relationship if she is unhappy.  Are women vulnerable in these relationships?  Without power? Trapped?  No. Why?  Because it isn't in the man's interest to live with a woman who hates him.  He is not going to get the things he wants and enjoys from a relationship if a woman hates him. 
Those women who are blaming men for their unhappiness will obviously support these new proposals.  To know that someone in authority is doing something especially for them obviously helps them feel more secure.  But is it good for women in the long run to be reliant on the state for their emotional wellbeing?  No, because the abstract state is not as good at providing support for women as an actual person that cares about the woman.  So she could become used to feeling looked after by the state and not be willing to accept a man that comes into her life who is willing to look after her and provide emotional support to her.  If the state keeps telling her that women need the support of the state to live with a man because they are in danger without state support, then she will be unwilling to accept anything good about men.  There will always be this tension and anxiety in relationships which will paradoxically lead to more domestic violence, mental abuse and rape.
There should be no domestic violence legislation at all.  Let women solve their own problems.  The more state help you provide for the woman, the more you dis-empower her and trap her.  Why?  Because you make her feel like she needs the help of the state to improve her life.  Women don't want to leave the partners that hit them and mentally abuse them in most cases; they just want them to stop doing it.  These men are only going to stop doing it if you leave the women alone to stand up for themselves.  They can only do that if there is not a social pressure created by all this legislation to reach out to someone else at the first sign of trouble.  Yet in most cases, they don't want to talk to someone else.  So they are basically trapped.  That is why if you watch Jeremy Kyle the first question is always - why did you stay with him?  'Because I love him' comes back the response.  If you really want to help women, abolish all domestic violence laws in relationships.  What you will then find is women standing up for themselves and giving ultimatums.  The men will know their boundaries and there will be more happy relationships.  Most importantly women will be happier.  Of course this will leave people like Lynne Featherstone feeling unneeded, which is why these feminist MP's are constantly trying to do something.  Not for women, but for their own emotional wellbeing.

Why don't these MPs ask police officers; they know more than most.  Here is what one said on the Daily Mail site in response to this:
I do not welcome state interference in my domestic affairs. And neither does my wife. And I especially don't want my personal relationships scrutinised by psychiatrists. But most of all, I don't want to live in this over-policed country any more.- Martin, Preston, 11/12/2011 13:08 

Martin, Im a copper and i couldnt agree more, we spend 70% of our time dealing with domestic arguments that the government have dictated require a full crime report even though no crime has been comitted and it not just partners, it ex's aunties uncles brothers sisters and anyone that you deem youve had an intimate relationship with. If this becomes law it will cripple the police overnight. Domestics are a nightmare as it is, no witnesses, both parties telling lies and he said she said. The state cannot be responsible for every facet of our lives.

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