Saturday, 26 May 2012

High sex harassment in London

Sexual harassment is no laughing matter. Guardian. 25 May 2012

People always go on about high sexual harassment in London.  Maybe this is just London.   Why not do the survey in other cities?

Men in different cities have different personalities.   Manchester men are more shy than Southern men with women and are less likely to approach and also harass.  I can't think of a time when travelling in Manchester women have been treated badly.

Also some women like to be victims.  For certain minor things these women are looking for sympathy.  The alternative is men who totally blank you.  You'd complain about that too - "men never notice me!"

The problem with feminism is that it starts out with a false premise - that men have bad intentions towards women.  Some do - but only a small minority.  Most men go out of there way to make women happy.  It is in our nature.  Men get pleasure from pleasing women.

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