Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The government watching over sexual relationships

'You have never had a full sexual relationship. It must be very frustrating': Judge's pity for predatory sex attacker as he SPARES him jail for stalking underage schoolgirls. Daily Mail. 23 May 2012

So this guy with Aspergers syndrome - a form of autism in which people find it hard in social situations and to abide by social norms - stalked 2 girls aged 13 and 14, showed them pictures of his penis and asked them to have sex with him.  He also put his hands down a disabled woman's knickers.  Obviously not a desirable thing to happen.  But what should be the punishment?  We can agree that it is wrong to do these things but does the addition of the law improve over simple public condemnation of these actions? How does sending him to jail improve things?

The annoying thing is that those adults who we see as normal people that do prey on teenage girls and ask questions like' are you legal' (but obviously neurotypicals do it in a more tactful way), have sex with these girls. And both man and teenage girl probably have a great time.  Nobody seems to be bothered by these events.  But because of this vulnerable man who has never had any relationship with women decides to try his luck, he is deemed worthy of the worst crime imaginable.  Sorry but I don't think what he did will be that traumatic if these women have an ounce of sympathy for this man's situation.  The comments on the Daily Mail site are typical of the feminist way of thinking.  Let us treat women as victims whose lives are ruined by men who try it on with them.  You think this is good for women or society to portray women in this pathetic way?  I'm fed up of dealing with female victimhood.  What will  be the effect on these 2 girls?  It depends on how society reacts.  The way society reacts makes these girls think that what happened to them will scar them for life.  If you just laughed it off or didn't portray this man as the devil incarnate then the effect would be negligible.  Ah but we have to speak up - the slippery slope argument says we need to react big time to every situation.  If we let the small things slide then men will take more and more advantage of women.  This only works if you believe men have a desire to see women unhappy.  Some men do - a very small minority.  Most men want to see women happy. 

So who is doing these girls a favour feminists or anti-feminists like me?  I say feminists are making things worse for women because they encourage victimhood.

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